Return of ETH to LID Snapshot Stakers

This is a recommendation to Penguin Party on how to best return the seized assets they are holding in custody on behalf of the LID community. These assets consist of 404 eth removed from the liquidity pools and XETH contract using owner/admin keys the LID community entrusted to Penguin Party.

As the majority of the LID Stakers stopped staking because of the dissolution of the LID team after the March hack, the fairest way to return these assets is to use a snapshot from before this date.

  • 404 eth of assets recovered
    - 12.3m LID were staked at block #12100000
    - Team addresses from Penguin, LID, and Augmented should be excluded from these rewards.
    — From LID, exclude: 0x2fF68C0fdbC805b3C8A70F8884D1C59BAEEb200c
    - 3.28+ eth returned for every 100k LID staked, if everyone claimed. Unclaimed ETH should be returned to claimers.

To claim:
1. Check your snapshot balance at block 12100000 to see if it is eligible
( — go to balanceOfAt and enter your address and bock 12100000 )
2. Send your address to Penguin Party
3. After 1 week of collecting addresses, Penguin Party uses to send the recovered eth to the stakers, proportional to their snapshot balance.

As over $1m of assets are involved, it is critical that Penguin Party act quickly to enact this proposal. The above proposal is designed to be simple & quick to execute with little to no technical expertise required.

If you support this proposal, please message Penguin Party on Discord & the admin holding the assets, Hiturunk.
Also, DM/tag them on twitter:

The official voice of LID Protocol.